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Abstract of [Son15c]

Multiphoton multiple ionization dynamics of atoms and molecules at high x-ray intensity

Sang-Kil Son

International Workshop on Intense-field Short-wavelength Atomic and Molecular Processes
(Hamburg, Germany, July 18-20, 2015) [invited talk]

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The electronic response to an intense x-ray pulse is characterized by sequential multiphoton multiple ionization: an atom or a molecule absorbs many photons sequentially, ejecting many electrons. The sequential x-ray absorptions deposit a huge amount of energy into the system, and photoionizations accompanied by relaxations induce complex ionization pathways. In particular, deep inner-shell multiphoton ionization for heavy atoms is very complicated because of a huge number of different multiple-hole configurations created during the ionization dynamics. For the molecular cases, the complexity increases much further because of the degrees of freedom associated with atomic motions. We have developed the XATOM and XMOLECULE toolkits to describe x-ray multiphoton ionization dynamics for atoms and molecules, respectively. The toolkits calculate the electronic structure for any given atoms and molecules. Then they calculate photoionization cross sections, Auger rates, Coster-Kronig rates, and fluorescence rates, and solve a set of coupled rate equations to simulate the ionization dynamics. In this talk, I will present recent results of multiphoton multiple ionization of a xenon atom and a methyl iodide molecule at high x-ray intensity, and discuss charge rearrangement effects in the molecular x-ray multiphoton ionization.


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