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Recently-added to the database

  1. Laura Budewig, Sang-Kil Son, and Robin Santra, State-resolved ionization dynamics of a neon atom induced by x-ray free-electron-laser pulses, (submitted, 2022) [bib][BibTeX]
  2. Aljoscha Rörig, Sang-Kil Son, Tommaso Mazza, Philipp Schmidt Thomas M. Baumann, Benjamin Erk, Markus Ilchen, Joakim Laksman, Valerija Music, Shashank Pathak, Daniel E. Rivas, Daniel Rolles, Svitozar Serkez, Sergey Usenko, Robin Santra, Michael Meyer, and Rebecca Boll, Multiple-core-hole resonance spectroscopy with ultraintense x-ray pulses, (submitted, 2022) [bib][BibTeX]
  3. Tommaso Mazza, Thomas M. Baumann, Rebecca Boll, Alberto De Fanis, Patrik Grychtol, Markus Ilchen, Jacobo Montaño, Valerija Music, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, Nils Rennhack, Daniel E. Rivas, Aljoscha Rörig, Philipp Schmidt, Sergey Usenko, Pawel Ziołkowski, Daniele La Civita, Maurizio Vannoni, Harald Sinn, Barbara Keitel, Elke Plönjes, Ulf Fini Jastrow, Andrey Sorokin, Kai Tiedtke, Klaus Mann, Bernd Schäfer, Niels Breckwoldt, Sang-Kil Son, and Michael Meyer, The beam transport system for the Small Quantum Systems instrument at the European XFEL: optical layout and first commissioning results, (submitted, 2022) [bib][BibTeX]
  4. Stanislaw Wirok-Stoletow, Rui Jin, Daria Kolbasova, Sang-Kil Son, Andrew Aquila, and Robin Santra, Nonsequential two-photon absorption in solid Ge irradiated by an intense x-ray free-electron-laser pulse, Phys. Rev. A 106, 023118 (2022) [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.106.023118
  5. Rui Jin, Zoltan Jurek, Robin Santra, and Sang-Kil Son, Plasma environmental effects in the atomic structure for simulating x-ray free-electron-laser-heated solid-density matter, Phys. Rev. E 106, 015206 (2022) [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1103/PhysRevE.106.015206
  6. Laura Budewig, Sang-Kil Son, and Robin Santra, Theoretical investigation of orbital alignment of x-ray-ionized atoms in exotic electronic configurations, Phys. Rev. A 105, 033111 (2022) [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1103/PhysRevA.105.033111
  7. Rebecca Boll, Julia M. Schäfer, Benoît Richard, Kilian Fehre, Gregor Kastirke, Zoltan Jurek, Markus S. Schöffler, Malik M. Abdullah, Nils Anders, Thomas M. Baumann, Sebastian Eckart, Benjamin Erk, Alberto De Fanis, Reinhard Dörner, Lutz Foucar, Sven Grundmann, Patrik Grychtol, Alexander Hartung, Max Hofmann, Markus Ilchen, Ludger Inhester, Christian Janke, Rui Jin, Max Kircher, Katharina Kubicek, Maksim Kunitski, Xiang Li, Tommaso Mazza, Severin Meister, Niklas Melzer, Jacobo Montano, Valerija Music, Giammarco Nalin, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, Christopher Passow, Andreas Pier, Nils Rennhack, Jonas Rist, Daniel E. Rivas, Daniel Rolles, Ilme Schlichting, Lothar Ph.H. Schmidt, Philipp Schmidt, Juliane Siebert, Nico Strenger, Daniel Trabert, Florian Trinter, Isabel Vela-Perez, Rene Wagner, Peter Walter, Miriam Weller, Pawel Ziolkowski, Sang-Kil Son, Artem Rudenko, Michael Meyer, Robin Santra, and Till Jahnke, X-ray multiphoton-induced Coulomb explosion images complex single molecules, Nat. Phys. 18, 423–428 (2022) [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1038/s41567-022-01507-0
  8. Sang-Kil Son, Aaron C. LaForge, Debadarshini Mishra, Markus Ilchen, Stephen Duncanson, Eemeli Eronen, Edwin Kukk, Stanislaw Wirok-Stoletow, Daria Kolbasova, Peter Walter, Rebecca Boll, Alberto De Fanis, Michael Meyer, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, Daniel E. Rivas, Philipp Schmidt, Sergey Usenko, Robin Santra, and Nora Berrah, Resonance-enhanced multiphoton ionization in the x-ray regime in Workshop on Science of “From Matter to Materials and Life” (virtual, November 22-24, 2021) [poster] [bib][BibTeX][poster][poster: 1Mb][abstract][abstract]
  9. Sang-Kil Son, What happens to atoms, molecules, and dense plasmas at high x-ray intensity? in Seminar (Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, United States, September 14, 2021) [invited talk] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 20Mb]
  10. A. Rörig, T. M. Baumann, B. Erk, M. Ilchen, J. Laksman, T. Mazza, M. Meyer, V. Musić, S. Pathak, D. E. Rivas, D. Rolles, R. Santra, J. M. Schäfer, S. Serkez, P. Schmidt, S. Usenko, Sang-Kil Son, and R. Boll, Non-linear multiphoton ionisation dynamics of xenon upon irradiation by highly intense soft X-ray free-electron laser pulses in XXXII International Conference on Photonic, Electronic and Atomic Collisions (virtual, July 20-23, 2021) [bib][BibTeX][abstract][abstract][link][link]

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