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Abstract of [Mazza23]

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The beam transport system for the Small Quantum Systems instrument at the European XFEL: optical layout and first commissioning results

Tommaso Mazza, Thomas M. Baumann, Rebecca Boll, Alberto De Fanis, Patrik Grychtol, Markus Ilchen, Jacobo Montaño, Valerija Music, Yevheniy Ovcharenko, Nils Rennhack, Daniel E. Rivas, Aljoscha Rörig, Philipp Schmidt, Sergey Usenko, Pawel Ziołkowski, Daniele La Civita, Maurizio Vannoni, Harald Sinn, Barbara Keitel, Elke Plönjes, Ulf Fini Jastrow, Andrey Sorokin, Kai Tiedtke, Klaus Mann, Bernd Schäfer, Niels Breckwoldt, Sang-Kil Son, and Michael Meyer

J. Synchrotron Radiat. 30, 457–467 (2023)


The Small Quantum Systems instrument is one of the six operating instruments of the European XFEL, dedicated to the atomic, molecular and cluster physics communities. The instrument started its user operation at the end of 2018 after a commissioning phase. The design and characterization of the beam transport system are described here. The X-ray optical components of the beamline are detailed, and the beamline performances, transmission and focusing capabilities are reported. It is shown that the X-ray beam can be effectively focused as predicted by ray-tracing simulations. The impact of non-ideal X-ray source conditions on the focusing performances is discussed.


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