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All talks in 2014 with Sang-Kil Son

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  1. Sang-Kil Son, Turning photoionization at high x-ray intensity into an advantage for femtosecond nanocrystallography in Photoionization and Photodetachment (Gordon Research Conference, Galveston, Texas, United States, February 23-28, 2014) [invited talk] [bib][BibTeX][link][link]
  2. Sang-Kil Son, Happy phasing with electronic radiation damage at high x-ray intensity in 8th International Workshop on X-ray Radiation Damage to Biological Crystalline Samples (Hamburg, Germany, April 10-12, 2014) [invited talk] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 5Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]
  3. Sang-Kil Son, Robert Thiele, Zoltan Jurek, Beata Ziaja, and Robin Santra, Quantum-mechanical calculation of ionization potential lowering in dense plasmas in Radiative Properties of Hot Dense Matter (Vienna, Austria, September 29-October 3, 2014) [oral presentation] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 4Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]

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