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    author={Marcin Sikorski and Marco Ramilli and Raphael {de Wijn} and Viktoria Hinger and Aldo Mozzanica and Bernd Schmitt and Huijong Han and Richard Bean and Johan Bielecki and G{\'a}bor Bortel and Thomas Dietze and Gyula Faigel and Konstantin Kharitonov and Chan Kim and Jayanath C. P. Koliyadu and Faisal H. M. Koua and Romain Letrun and Luis M. Lopez and Nadja Reimers and Adam Round and Abhisakh Sarma and Tokushi Sato and Mikl{\'o}s Tegze and Monica Turcato},
    title={First operation of the {JUNGFRAU} detector in 16-memory cell mode at {European XFEL}},
    journal={Front. Phys.},
    keywords={European XFEL;},
    doi={10.3389/fphy.2023.1303247} }

Marcin Sikorski, Marco Ramilli, Raphael de Wijn, Viktoria Hinger, Aldo Mozzanica, Bernd Schmitt, Huijong Han, Richard Bean, Johan Bielecki, Gábor Bortel, Thomas Dietze, Gyula Faigel, Konstantin Kharitonov, Chan Kim, Jayanath C.P. Koliyadu, Faisal H.M. Koua, Romain Letrun, Luis M. Lopez, Nadja Reimers, Adam Round, Abhisakh Sarma, Tokushi Sato, Miklós Tegze, and Monica Turcato, First operation of the JUNGFRAU detector in 16-memory cell mode at European XFEL, Front. Phys. 11, 1303247 (2023) [pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.3389/fphy.2023.1303247

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