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    author={F. A. Lima and F. Otte and M. Vakili and F. Ardana-Lamas and M. Biednov and F. Dall'Antonia and P. Frankenberger and W. Gawelda and L. Gelisio and Huijong Han and X. Huang and Y. Jiang and M. Kloos and T. Kluyver and M. Knoll and K. Kubicek and I. J. {Bermudez Macias} and J. Schulz and O. Turkot and Y. Uemura and J. Valerio and H. Wang and H. Yousef and P. Zalden and D. Khakhulin and C. Bressler and C. Milne},
    title={Experimental capabilities for liquid jet samples at sub-{MHz} rates at the {FXE} Instrument at {European XFEL}},
    journal={J. Synchrotron Radiat.},
    keywords={European XFEL; liquid jet; sample delivery;},
    doi={10.1107/S1600577523008159} }

F. A. Lima, F. Otte, M. Vakili, F. Ardana-Lamas, M. Biednov, F. Dall'Antonia, P. Frankenberger, W. Gawelda, L. Gelisio, Huijong Han, X. Huang, Y. Jiang, M. Kloos, T. Kluyver, M. Knoll, K. Kubicek, Bermudez I.J. Macias, J. Schulz, O. Turkot, Y. Uemura, J. Valerio, H. Wang, H. Yousef, P. Zalden, D. Khakhulin, C. Bressler, and C. Milne, Experimental capabilities for liquid jet samples at sub-MHz rates at the FXE Instrument at European XFEL, J. Synchrotron Radiat. 30, 1168–1182 (2023) [pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1107/S1600577523008159

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