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BibTeX file of [Han06]

    author={Huijong Han and Todd Funke and Melanie Priestman and Ernst Sch{\"o}nbrunn},
    title={Discovery and Evaluation of Novel {MurA} Inhibitors},
    month={Apr. 4-9},
    booktitle={Structure Based Drug Discovery (D6)},
    organization={Keystone Symposia},
    address={Whistler, British Columbia, Canada},
    keywords={MurA; KU;} }

Huijong Han, Todd Funke, Melanie Priestman, and Ernst Schönbrunn, Discovery and Evaluation of Novel MurA Inhibitors in Structure Based Drug Discovery (D6) (Keystone Symposia, Whistler, British Columbia, Canada, Apr. 4-9, 2006)

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