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    author={Sebastian G{\"u}nther, and Patrick Y. A. Reinke and Dominik Oberthuer and Oleksandr Yefanov and Helen Ginn and Susanne Meier and Thomas J. Lane and Kristina Lorenzen and Luca Gelisio and Wolfgang Brehm and Illona Dunkel and Martin Domaracky and Sofiane Saouane and Julia Lieske and Christiane Ehrt and Faisal Koua and Alexandra Tolstikova and Thomas A. White and Michael Groessler and Holger Fleckenstein and Fabian Trost and Marina Galchenkova and Yaroslav Gevorkov and Chufeng Li and Salah Awel and Ariana Peck and P. Lourdu Xavier and Miriam Barthelmess and Frank Schl{\"u}nzen and Nadine Werner and Hina Andaleeb and Najeeb Ullah and Sven Falke and Bruno Alves Franca and Martin Schwinzer and H{\'e}vila Brognaro and Brandon Seychell and Henry Gieseler and Diogo Melo and Jo J. Zaitsev-Doyle and Brenna Norton-Baker and Juraj Knoska and Gisel Esperanza and Aida Rahmani Mashhour and Filip Guicking and Vincent Hennicke and Pontus Fischer and Cromarte Rogers and Diana C. F. Monteiro and Johanna Hakanp{\"a}{\"a} and Jan Meyer and Heshmat Noei and Phil Gribbon and Bernhard Ellinger and Maria Kuzikov and Markus Wolf and Linlin Zhang and Xinyuanyuan Sun and Jonathan Pletzer-Zelgert and Jan Wollenhaupt and Christian Feiler and Manfred Weiss and Eike-Christian Schulz and Pedram Mehrabi and Christina Schmidt and Robin Schubert and Huijong Han and Boris Krichel and Yaiza Fern{\'a}ndez-Garc{\'i}a and Beatriz Escudero-P{\'e}rez and Stephan G{\"u}nther and Dusan Turk and Charlotte Uetrecht and Tobias Beck and Henning Tidow and Ashwin Chari and Andrea Zaliani and Matthias Rarey and Russell Cox and Rolf Hilgenfeld and Henry N. Chapman and Arwen R. Pearson and Christian Betzel and Alke Meents},
    title={Catalytic cleavage of {HEAT} and subsequent covalent binding of the tetralone moiety by the {SARS-CoV-2} main protease},
    keywords={corona; covid; European XFEL; XBI;},
    doi={10.1101/2020.05.02.043554} }

Sebastian Günther, Patrick Y.A. Reinke, Dominik Oberthuer, Oleksandr Yefanov, Helen Ginn, Susanne Meier, Thomas J. Lane, Kristina Lorenzen, Luca Gelisio, Wolfgang Brehm, Illona Dunkel, Martin Domaracky, Sofiane Saouane, Julia Lieske, Christiane Ehrt, Faisal Koua, Alexandra Tolstikova, Thomas A. White, Michael Groessler, Holger Fleckenstein, Fabian Trost, Marina Galchenkova, Yaroslav Gevorkov, Chufeng Li, Salah Awel, Ariana Peck, Lourdu P. Xavier, Miriam Barthelmess, Frank Schlünzen, Nadine Werner, Hina Andaleeb, Najeeb Ullah, Sven Falke, Bruno Alves Franca, Martin Schwinzer, Hévila Brognaro, Brandon Seychell, Henry Gieseler, Diogo Melo, Jo J. Zaitsev-Doyle, Brenna Norton-Baker, Juraj Knoska, Gisel Esperanza, Aida Rahmani Mashhour, Filip Guicking, Vincent Hennicke, Pontus Fischer, Cromarte Rogers, Diana C.F. Monteiro, Johanna Hakanpää, Jan Meyer, Heshmat Noei, Phil Gribbon, Bernhard Ellinger, Maria Kuzikov, Markus Wolf, Linlin Zhang, Xinyuanyuan Sun, Jonathan Pletzer-Zelgert, Jan Wollenhaupt, Christian Feiler, Manfred Weiss, Eike-Christian Schulz, Pedram Mehrabi, Christina Schmidt, Robin Schubert, Huijong Han, Boris Krichel, Yaiza Fernández-García, Beatriz Escudero-Pérez, Stephan Günther, Dusan Turk, Charlotte Uetrecht, Tobias Beck, Henning Tidow, Ashwin Chari, Andrea Zaliani, Matthias Rarey, Russell Cox, Rolf Hilgenfeld, Henry N. Chapman, Arwen R. Pearson, Christian Betzel, and Alke Meents, Catalytic cleavage of HEAT and subsequent covalent binding of the tetralone moiety by the SARS-CoV-2 main protease, (preprint, 2020) [abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1101/2020.05.02.043554

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