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    author={Mariya Aleksich and Daniel W. Paley and Elyse A. Schriber and Will Linthicum and Vanessa Oklejas and David W. Mittan-Moreau and Ryan P. Kelly and Patience A. Kotei and Anita Ghodsi and Raymond G. Sierra and Andrew Aquila and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Poitevin and Johannes P. Blaschke and Mohammad Vakili and Christopher J. Milne and Fabio Dall'Antonia and Dmitry Khakhulin and Fernando Ardana-Lamas and Frederico Lima and Joana Valerio and Huijong Han and Tamires Gallo and Hazem Yousef and Oleksii Turkot and Ivette J. Bermudez Macias and Thomas Kluyver and Philipp Schmidt and Luca Gelisio and Adam R. Round and Yifeng Jiang and Doriana Vinci and Yohei Uemura and Marco Kloos and Mark Hunter and Adrian P. Mancuso and Bryan D. Huey and Lucas R. Parent and Nicholas K. Sauter and Aaron S. Brewster and J. Nathan Hohman},
    title={{XFEL} Microcrystallography of Self-Assembling Silver $n$-Alkanethiolates},
    journal={J. Am. Chem. Soc.},
    keywords={European XFEL;},
    doi={10.1021/jacs.3c02183} }

Mariya Aleksich, Daniel W. Paley, Elyse A. Schriber, Will Linthicum, Vanessa Oklejas, David W. Mittan-Moreau, Ryan P. Kelly, Patience A. Kotei, Anita Ghodsi, Raymond G. Sierra, Andrew Aquila, Frédéric Poitevin, Johannes P. Blaschke, Mohammad Vakili, Christopher J. Milne, Fabio Dall'Antonia, Dmitry Khakhulin, Fernando Ardana-Lamas, Frederico Lima, Joana Valerio, Huijong Han, Tamires Gallo, Hazem Yousef, Oleksii Turkot, Ivette Bermudez J. Macias, Thomas Kluyver, Philipp Schmidt, Luca Gelisio, Adam R. Round, Yifeng Jiang, Doriana Vinci, Yohei Uemura, Marco Kloos, Mark Hunter, Adrian P. Mancuso, Bryan D. Huey, Lucas R. Parent, Nicholas K. Sauter, Aaron S. Brewster, and Nathan J. Hohman, XFEL Microcrystallography of Self-Assembling Silver n-Alkanethiolates, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 145, 17042–17055 (2023) [abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1021/jacs.3c02183

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