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Abstract of [Vakili22a]

Mix-and-extrude using 3D printed nozzles for time-resolved membrane protein crystallography

Mohammad Vakili, Huijong Han, Christina Schmidt, Agnieszka Wrona, Marco Kloos, Iñaki de Diego, Katerina Dörner, Joana Valerio, Ekaterina Round, Kristina Lorenzen, and Joachim Schulz

(preprint, 2022)


Time-resolved crystallography enabled the visualization of protein molecular motion during reaction. Currently, light is the most prevalent reaction initiator, but the number of light-activated proteins is extremely limited. Instead, more biological reactions are triggered by interaction with ligands. To examine the molecular action of these mixing-initiated reactions by X-ray diffraction, a sample delivery method that allows for diffusive mixing of crystals with ligands in a short amount of time corresponding to the reaction time to be studied is needed. This paper describes the mix-and-extrude nozzle for delivering membrane proteins crystallized in lipid cubic phase and ligands, along with its preliminary characterization and outlook for future developments.

Tags: HVE, LCP, European XFEL

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