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Abstract of [Lee97]

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Conformational Study of Decamer DNA Duplex d(ACGTATACGT)2 by NMR Spectroscopy

Joon-Hwa Lee, Jin-Young Park, Hi-Jung Han, and Byong-Seok Choi

J. Kor. Magn. Reson. Soc. 1, 63–70 (1997)


The conformation of the self-complementary decamer duplex, d(ACGTATACGT)2 (TATA-duplex) has been studied dy proton NMR spectroscopy. The duplex is essentially B-type, with distortions apparent at the TATA steps. These conformational distortion which may be preferable to occur in the thymine residue on the 5'-side, has been investigated by unusual NOE crosspeaks.


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