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Abstract of [Han19]

Sample preparation and characterization for serial femtosecond crystallography at European XFEL

Huijong Han, Yasmin Guel, Inari Kursula, Jana Makroczyova, Ekaterina Round, Robin Schubert, Joachim Schulz, and Kristina Lorenzen

16th Conference of the Asian Crystallographic Association
(National University of Singapore, Singapore, December 17-20, 2019)


X-ray free electron lasers (XFELs) provides new opportunities for macromolecular structural biology experiments thanks to its high peak brilliance and short pulse duration. Serial femtosecond crystallography is one of the major applications of structural biology using XFELs. The quality of micro- and nano-crystals of macromolecules is a critical factor for the success of rare beam time in XFEL facilities. Thus, thorough characterization of crystals is highly demanding prior to the beam time. The XBI (XFEL Biology Infrastructure) User Consortium has created and now operates sample preparation and characterization facilities for biological samples at the European XFEL. This purpose built laboratory offering state of the art equipment is located directly above and connected via a dedicated lift to the SPB/SFX (single particle bioimaging/ serial femtosecond X-ray crystallography) instrument. The XBI and its staff can support users in all steps from expression through purification, biophysical characterization, and crystallization, up to sample delivery of both crystalline and non-crystalline samples of a wide range of biological systems at the instruments of the European XFEL.

Tags: European XFEL

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