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    author={Sang-Kil Son},
    title={Electronic response to X-ray free-electron laser pulses},
    month={November 23},
    booktitle={MPC-AS seminar},
    institution={Max Planck Center for Attosecond Science},
    address={Pohang, Korea},
    keywords={XATOM; ionization; Auger; fluorescence; x-ray scattering; x-ray diffraction; damage; FEL; C; Fe; Xe; CFEL; DESY;},
    note={oral presentation},
    url={http://lsl.postech.ac.kr/} }

Sang-Kil Son, Electronic response to X-ray free-electron laser pulses in MPC-AS seminar (Max Planck Center for Attosecond Science, POSTECH, Pohang, Korea, November 23, 2012) [oral presentation] [slide][slide: 9Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]

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