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All talks in 2021 with Sang-Kil Son

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  1. Sang-Kil Son, Resonances in x-ray multiphoton ionization in Molecular quantum dynamics beyond bound states (Institute of Physics, Rostock University, Rostock, Germany, March 10-12, 2021) [invited talk] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 7Mb][abstract][abstract][link][link]
  2. Sang-Kil Son, A two-step model for studying ionization potential depression in dense plasmas in Average Atom Models for Warm Dense Matter (University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, California, United States, June 28-29, 2021) [invited talk] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 6Mb][link][link]
  3. Sang-Kil Son, What happens to atoms, molecules, and dense plasmas at high x-ray intensity? in Seminar (Laboratory for Laser Energetics, University of Rochester, Rochester, New York, United States, September 14, 2021) [invited talk] [bib][BibTeX][slide][slide: 20Mb]

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