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All publications in 2021 with Sang-Kil Son

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  1. Xiang Li, Ludger Inhester, Timur Osipov, Rebecca Boll, Ryan Coffee, James Cryan, Ave Gatton, Tais Gorkhover, Gregor Hartman, Markus Ilchen, André Knie, Ming-Fu Lin, Michael P. Minitti, Clemens Weninger, Thomas J.A. Wolf, Sang-Kil Son, Robin Santra, Daniel Rolles, Artem Rudenko, and Peter Walter, Electron-ion coincidence measurements of molecular dynamics with intense x-ray pulses, Sci. Rep. 11, 505 (2021) [bib][BibTeX][pdf][pdf][abstract][abstract][link]doi:10.1038/s41598-020-79818-6

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